Friday, 10 July 2015

Pastel Gradient 💖

I bloody love this manicure

((((WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME I COULD HAVE DURABLE 3D NAIL EMBELLISHMENTS WITH JUST A SWISH OF TOPCOAT?! I feel I've been missing out, I thought I'd need gel or something to stop them falling off as soon as I touched something)))).

But onto the mani:- 
So... first I did this pastel gradient over MUA's very pale minty creme "Spearmint" which is a nice colour but a streaky 3-coat pain in the arse to apply:-
MUA Spearmint
Topped with one coat of Cupcake Polish's G O R G E O U S "Ornamentary, My Dear":-
I love it!
Ugh. raggedy cuticles, though.
Then I managed to break both a shoe and a nail in the same day. The nail was obviously the most distressing of the two. I was in a rush so all I had time to do was remove the lovely gradient polish job and do a repair with some silk and glue.
No way was I giving up my pretty pastels so I compromised and stuck a nail wrap over the now repaired but bare nail. I happened to have some old nail wraps with a sparkly gradient on. Not a colour match but like I say I was in a rush. Voila, accent nail.
Later on I got home and decided I might as well play around with some pastel pearl embellishments and topcoat, not really expecting it to last...
I'm now on day 2 and I've been using my nails as brutally as usual and they're still looking good. ✌
Yes I only have 9 fingers. And yes, that wrap is wrinkly. My nails hate wraps.

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