Monday, 6 July 2015

Glitter it, Buttercup.

Maybelline - Glitter it + LA Colors - Live and Rimmel - Chin up, Buttercup

blurry closeup to show the colourful glitter bokeh

Two coats of Maybelline's "Glitter It" over LA Colors' "Live" gives a decent glitterball effect. I think I could have even gone for more coats of glitter as it doesn't have the most dense concentration of glitter.
Glitter It is an odd thing - lovely holo glitter but with added silver shimmer (holo?) particles that make it sheer and no good for layering over darker colours.
Chin up, Buttercup is a gorgeous primary yellow but it takes 3 coats to get past the streaks and I seem to remember it stains.
Live is a gorgeous chromey-metallic. Nice formula, two coats is usually enough.

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