Monday, 25 May 2015

Ms Sparkle Cypress & Cognac swatch

Ms Sparkle Cypress and Cognac nail swatch over black.

You can see the brown duochrome effect in this pic

Got a couple of polishes from Ms Sparkle, an indie polish maker based in the Netherlands. I’m always excited to find cool EU nail polish makers! They arrived in good time and well-packaged, so I’d certainly buy from this seller again.

Anyway, this swatch is Cypress & Cognac, 2 coats over black.
I have to admit, I was hoping it would look more like the photos on the listing which seemed to have more teal/purple duochrome hues in it but on me it looks just green. To be fair, this is how it was described in the listing text: “Cypress & Cognac is a glass fleck with green shards of glitter in a brownish jelly base with a very strong multichrome effect.”

Anyway, it goes on like a dream and is a lovely deep proper green over black. Not a colour I would usually wear but I’ll keep experimenting over different bases with it. The foil flecks are a subtle addition that add a lot of interest. In the end-on photo you can see the hint of brown duochrome. It’s not obvious from all angles but it is there.

Can anyone suggest an interesting colour to layer this over?

Oh and: Lets just ignore how one of the green foil bits caught and left a dint in the polish on my middle finger, OK?
And the fact I never tidied up the polish on my fingers.

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