Monday, 25 May 2015

Marbled, Matte and Neon Yellow tips

cling film marble manicure

Matte lilac with neon yellow french tips

Argh, this looks so much nicer IRL. You have to believe me! For some reason it just doesn’t photograph well. Just assume the purple is softer and chalky-matte and the yellow is neon yellow highlighter bright, ok?
Even the free-handed tips look neater.

  • Base: Miss Sporty clubbing colour quick-dry lilac “190″
  • Cling-film marbling: LA Colors color craze “illusion” and White Space white.
  • Matte top coat: Barry M Matte topcoat. (I ♥ this shit)
  • Tips: Miss Sporty clubbing colour quick dry neon yellow “145″
I wasn’t too impressed with the Miss sporty lilac, it’s a lovely soft lilac colour. Pale but not too pale that it makes my skin look weird (pale skin+white nails= not a good look in my experience). Unfortunately, it dragged and was a pain to apply.

 This was my first attempt at applying polish with a wadded up bit of cling film and I have to say I’m hooked! It took a little clean up effort with a cotton bud and some polish remover but worth the effort. And I say this as someone who would rather have blobby free-handed french tips than make the effort to apply guide stickers.  (OK looking at the photos I didn’t clean my cuticles up very thoroughly, trust the camera to show me up).

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