Monday, 27 July 2015

Swatchy Swatchy

Swatching some new purchases
Very clumpy and textured - but it really does glow in the dark!

Funfair has nice coverage in one coat

Urban Outfitters glow in the dark Apple Fizz is a strange beast. Looking at the bottle I expected more of an opaque finish, like a crelly. It actually goes on very sheer (next time I’d use a yellow or green basecoat) and is textured as hell. On the plus side, it has a pretty good glow.
The glitter (can I call it glitter if it's not even metallic, it's just colourful strips???) topper is called Funfair, also Urban Outfitters and it's super fun. I want to try it with everything. At £6 a bottle, they're a bit pricey for this budget-brand shopper but oh well. 

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