Monday, 27 July 2015

DIY Nail Decals Again

The execution leaves something to be desired but the idea is sound

Well, I still love triangles and homemade nail decals.

Rimmel “Sweet Retreat” pink (2 coats)
Decals made of too many things to list but the base colour is Rimmel “Sage all the Rage” and the gold glitter is Bourjois “Vampire Vanity”.
Then sealed with some Sally Hansen “Insta-dri” topcoat which very frustratingly has gone impossibly goopy and I’m only 2/3 down the bottle. For around £6 a bottle it really ought to last longer.

Vampire Vanity is one of those hard-to-wear glitters with big shards that just wont lie flat and using it like this makes it a bit more manageable. As ever, I just dotted then painted thick coats of polish onto a non-stick surface (I used the backing from a page of printable sticky lables), Wait a few hours then peel off.

I tried smearing the dots but I was a bit too slow and a lot of them were too dry by the time I got to the glitter.

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