Thursday, 4 June 2015


Barry M Speedy "Stop the Clock"
It's hard to describe Barry M's Speedy Quick Dry polish, "Stop the Clock". It's a pale, peachy cream. A couple of shades away from white but still super bright. It does dry quick, which is a good thing because it takes 3 coats to get past the streaking. And like white, it's very unforgiving of careless application. Any cuticle overspill is going to stand out a mile away.
I'm thinking of pairing it with pale grey or lilac.

And because it seemed like a day for trying out hard-to-wear creme polishes:- 
I also decided to test another Barry M, Gelly Shine "Papaya" (a nice glossy coral - very vibrant). Unfortunately it has the round brush, which isn't as easy to use as the flat brush the other barry M polish has. Strange.
And Rimmel's 60 Second Super Shine "Chin Up, Buttercup" (perfect primary yellow).
Both went on beautifully over Stop The Clock and covered with one coat. 

Can anyone suggest any cool designs to use these colours with?  

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