Saturday, 20 June 2015

Revlon Moon Candy

I know, I know, I'm really more into pastels and bright colours right now.... but I saw a 3 pack of these on the clearance shelf in TK Maxx and I'm an unapologetic glitter queen. Plus, Moon Candy is an awesome name for a range of nail polish - I want moon candy! Unfortunately, Revlon have failed to impress me with this range.
Revlon Moon Candy Orbit - Meh.
So apparently, Revlon released a whole range of these fuckers. I really want to like them - Creme base on one end and "flakie" glitter topcoat on the other. I put flakie in quotes because this stuff isn't what I expect flakies to be, it's more like shards of iridescent glitter and the damn stuff just will not lie flat.
I added two coats over one coat of the creme, (which is a nice enough dark purple). It was a little tricky to apply - the flakes dragged the polish off - you can see a 'bald' spot on the tip of my little finger in thes photos. I expect to add a clear top coat over most glitters so I added one thick coat and I can still feel flakes sticking up. Below, you can see the photos I took in strong evening sunlight:-

Harsh lighting is harsh.

I think the flakies confused my camera.

I think in real life, they look OK and I really dig the ultra-violet sparkle. I keep staring at my sparkly nails....I just think they could look much nicer. I'm frustrated by the flakes refusal to lie flat - I don't think this is a manicure that will last, the stuck up bits will catch on things. Yeah, maybe more topcoat is the answer but with basecoat, creme, glitter x 2 + topcoat x 1 I already have 5 layers on.
Also, these strong colours are a bugger to remove. I previously tried (and didn't photograph) the red one of these polish duos called Satellite, and removal looked like a scene from Dexter and stained my nails, even through a thick base-coat. It doesn't put me off strong colours...but if I don't love the finished mani, I'm less forgiving when the removal is a pain. 

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