Monday, 25 May 2015

Nude & Gold

Nude and metallic gold manicure.

Nude creme is Rimmel "Caramel Cupcake". I like the colour on me but it has a veeeerrrry slight white shimmer which I think you can just make out in the photos. (I have an irrational aversion to shimmers. They give me flashbacks to the 90′s when every damn thing was shimmery and pearlised whether you wanted it or not).

But I digress… The gold is my favourite thing in the whole world favourite metallic gold nail varnish. It’s “Gold Mine” by Gallery Colours. Cheap but decent quality, and reassuringly timeless. It’s a really rich, yellowy-gold. Also, very forgiving - I just splodged it on and I quite like the effect.

The top coat is Sally Hansen Insta-dri. Chips like a mofo but it’s really, really glossy. And I never keep a manicure on long enough to worry about chipping.

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