Monday, 25 May 2015

Gold spikes and Glitter Jelly combo

Don’t look too closely at the mystery bubbling and cuticle-overspill.

Let’s just enjoy the disco sci-fi colour combo of Emily de Molly’s blue glitter jelly extravaganza “turbulence” with my shonky hand made decals* made from NYC’s “Full Metal Jacket”.

Full metal jacket is a serious contender for M y  F a v o u r i t e  P o l i s h  O f  A l l  T i m e. It’s a soft pale gold metallic. A bugger to remove but worth the effort for a metallic gold for all occasions, right?

*Paint at least 2 coats of polish on a plastic sandwich bag, let it dry for several hours+ and then peel it off (good luck!) and cut it into shapes.

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