Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Colour-combo fail

This is a drab mani. It is made of dull and sad.


All these colours are nice individually but I think putting them together was a mistake.

I tried to do something mature and subtle with my new vinyl stencils from

Somehow I managed to create this abomination. 
It’s the most drab depressing colourscheme ever inflicted on the human retina. Seriously, this is one dull manicure, it actually sucks the life energy from anything around it, I watered my plants with these hands and all my plants died. I tried to listen to some music while wearing this manicure but the all the radio station presets had been replaced with a nameless station playing the funeral march on endless crackling loop overlaid with ghostly moaning. 
Well, you get the idea….
I like all these colours individually but together their powers combine to make something duller than dull.

  • Barry M Gelly shine “elderberry” (x2 coats as base)
  • Miss Sporty “promise the moon 548”
  • Miss Sporty “lilac 190″
  • L A Colors “simply”
  • Rimmel “Sage all the rage”

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